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Exceptional is a full service

Creator  Agency

Exceptional changes the paradigm of creator management. Gone are the days of signing multi year contracts and paying management on anything but social media monetization.

Exceptional believes that their services should be what earns a creators business, not some complicated contract that holds the creators hostages.


The exceptional difference

The Exceptional team has been working in Influencer Marketing and Social Media since 2009, has completed tens of millions of dollars in campaigns and brings that business savvy to its creators.

Exceptional is based in Las Vegas and are proud supporters of Startup Vegas.


Simple Contract

The Exceptional contract is 3 pages long, has a 30 day out. 

The Exceptional contract is only for social media monetization and does not impact theatrical, music or any other vertical .

No Lose Guarantee

Creators are guaranteed to make a minimum of their average rate and Exceptional does not get paid anything unless the creator makes at least what they were making. 


Exceptional’s focus is in helping its creators create long term wealth from their social media audience. 

shifting the paradigm

Creator/Influencer management adopted the old Hollywood model where managers lock creators into long term deals with no upside guarantee for the creator. Exceptional only charges fees on the value that they create and has an open where creators can easily move on if they are not satisfied. 

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